God’s Children 3D Flipbook

Dear Readers:

I am unsure how much longer I will be able to personally fund this blog, however, I will work on trying to stay afloat as long as possible.

On a different note, COVID-19 has hit my State of Massachusetts hard. My energy needs to be spent on my daughter and other related household needs. I hope everyone stays healthy and well. I pray this virus passes, leaving our little ones untouched. I also pray for everyone and families all over the world. I never expected anything like this, so I am in consistent prayer

God’s Children Flip Book: When you click on the link and flip through the pages, you may have to wait a minute for the images to upload, so don’t worry there are not any blank pages! If that occurs, you’ll need to wait for the image to upload. (leave a comment if text or images don’t appear) Depending on your internet connection it could take ten seconds, however, with others maybe a little longer. I hope you enjoy it and I hope it inspires some of our children on break, because of all the schools’ closings due to the Coronavirus, to do creative endeavors. I had a lot of fun with my daughter creating this book and I am super proud of her. The book is dedicated to my daughter, Dahlia, and I hope every other child knows how precious they are and sacred. 

Yours, Kate
**This the revised book, please check the most recent version! Check out the video below. It’s nice to listen and read the book at the same time.

Any donation is appreciated.


God’s Children

I have posted the link to my book, God’s Children, I wrote with my daughter. I hope you enjoy it. Many blessings to all,


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Sample of my book, God’s Children


Dear Readers:

I am in the final production stages of my book, God’s Children. The Flip Book below is a link to get a glimpse and a sample of the book before it is released. The book is nearly thirty pages long, so I have a little more editing to do before the final version. Because of the images, it may take a minute for the pictures to load on your computer. For sure, there are no blank pages…so be patient for the images to upload. I know many of us are struggling at this time and each family has their own story to tell, during this pandemic.

If you recently subscribed to my blog, this book project began in September of 2019.  I was unsuccessful in raising money for the book, with the exception of one donation. I am in a hard place, since I want to offer this book for free, however, the reality of real hardship is there. I was able to bypass the costs of printing the book by doing an online version, which at this time is actually the best way to go. My daughter joined in and provided the illustrations, which I am super beyond proud of her. I have enjoyed writing these poems tremendously and I feel blessed to have been able to work/study with some of the finest poets while at graduate school, so it is my pleasure to announce the book is nearly finished. This Children’s Book is for all ages. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the sample.

So many Yours, Kate

you can always email, katewrites@kathrynlburton.com. If you are a church, email me and the book is for FREE for ALL of the congregation. I would be honored. Let’s get some love, kindness, joy and peace going around; let’s make it contagious!

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if you enjoyed the sample of only a few pages of the book, please consider making a small gift for the full version. The full version will be password protected, so you will receive a password for the blog post marked private. Make sure you include your email address, so I can send you the password!

Any donation is appreciated.


an offering


I have included a link to a youtube video of Gregorian chant. I have been thinking about what I could share that could be both uplifting, peaceful and healing. I found this to be all of those in addition to more. It reaches the octaves of light –

on a side note the word Octave is actually also the name of the first stanza/movement of the Sonnet and the second/last stanza of the Sonnet is the Sestet. If you are overwhelmed with all that is happening in the U.S. with COVID-19, or looking for something to distract yourself and you like learning about new things, I suggest you check it out on Wiki. It’s pretty neat; search the word, Sonnet. Once you understand the Form of the Sonnet and the mechanics of it your experience of reading a Sonnet may change. Finally, for those really interested in the Form of the Sonnet, the transition from the Octave to the Sestet is probably the most important transition.

Here are the beautiful Nuns of St. Cecilia’s Abbey, with the link:

Gregorian chant on youtube