Silly, Mr. Moon

Silly, Silly, Mr. Moon
it’s not afternoon –

It’s bedtime now
and time to take it slow.

It’s the kind of night
for no frightening fright.

So tell me a goodnight
book that show’s love,
with all of your good might.

Tell me about the stars
that should not be that far.

Explain the Planets like Mars
and even honking cars.

Make me a bed with comfy feathers
that keep me warm in any kind of weather.

Puff my pillow soft night white
and turn on my night light.

Make sure my socks are warm,
even in that booming thunder storm.

Sing me my last all day song
before I nod off all night long!


What if I could bring
you to the stars,
blast us out of this thing
going off the radars?

I would hold your hand
and chart the foreign terrain.
I’m sure it would be grand,
out of this mundane.

We could learn about orbits’,
this way of being one with another –
forever. We would whisper it’s
beautiful, this place of being together.

Perhaps, then we’d become a star,
this love turning inside light to bloom,
one with constellations, so way out far
past this goodnight child stars’ bedroom.

Children’s Sonnet

To follow nature,
we hold our child’s
hand to God’s door.

As this all matures,
with the weeping willow
and the joy in heart flowers,

we brush the Yellow Poplar.
To find the green showing
its vastness. Beginning,
with the sun, I praise you
for your infinite ways.
It is here, we say amen.

Lobster, Monster

My friend ate a lobster
and I thought he said, Monster.
It had big red claws
that looked like it could gnaw.

So I said, No Way
have a real good day!

I said to my friend
out in our sea coastland.
Where there are many scary things.

Where you can find anything,
like seaweed, a Flat Fin, or an eel
and make it look like a real good meal.
But I think it is all gross,
how they could give the stuff a toast.

So I say no way,
you have a great good Day!