chapbook of sonnet series, 2021

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concentration on theology and our divinity. February, 2021


Thank you to all my readers. I appreciate your support and I wish everyone the best this year. As hard it is for some, or many, I have put this together to let some light come in. I wish people calm, when there is seemingly nothing; peace when there is anger; good health when there is a pandemic. Most importantly, Love when there is loss or hate. Let’s change this tide and come together, with respect and kind thoughts.

Perfect Love, Daughter on her 9th Birthday!!

1. You’re not one, Hun
2. No longer Two give me More!!
3. Then Three, which O gosh was the sweetest toddler talk with, “Some Ge, Me See, all too ME!”
4. Boom Four: God give me More —
5. Wow Five! I never felt so alive when I looked into your eyes and saw the girl who was no longer my two-year old babe barely walking, but a girl up and running and thriving!
6. I promise six, there was nothing I missed, nor could the awesomeness of your heart and love couldn’t fix—
7. Heaven, Seven: Your gorgeous star within was so alive all I could do was give my dear, Lord my gratitude and praise Him, with such a Holy, Holy, Amen.
8. Dear, Eight! Your spirit was a rainbow jet of light set to flight. There was no part of you that was out of my sight!
9. Boom, Boom, NINE! Our hearts are intertwined and you were born on a full moon and the greatness of your soul came through when there was moonshine.

Enjoy this time because you’re approaching the double digits, but I know and I promise this year your dreams will be yours. Your prayers, once tears, will be a mere memory. Because you overcame the impossible and now your symphony is an element: the spirit, soul and mind now forged. My warrior, my fearless free soul flying over the seas daughter—gorgeous and beautiful is you. You willingly save the helpless, you give your money to the homeless, you teach the overlooked how to read, and give your lunch to those who have none. Thank you, Jesus, for giving her the first breath of air. All I see is you, God with us, helping us and protecting us. Thank you, God, for loving me and giving me such a beautiful daughter growing so amazingly, overcoming medical battles without one scar or scratch—showering us with mercy. I praise you, God and I praise you, daughter! I count to nine…until this magical number….and you are mine! You are my everything, Dear Daughter. Amen.


Up, Up and Again

I did the research about my blog being tampered with, so I have the IP addresses and I will move forward to keep these creeps out of my blog and hopefully help others. A great mentor always said, “don’t get sucked in. Just look away.” So watch this…I don’t care. Try and disgrace me, and you’ll be found by the Authorities.

My daughter’s birthday is coming and I have some sweet poems, I am excited to share. It’s always more beautiful when you rise, because it’s not about the greatness. It’s about rising after each time you fall. When you are stuck in the thorns, you couldn’t possibly ever smell the roses, nor see them. So go and rise and when and if you fall again, just rise. Just rise. Find the Jesus within you and your Holy Spirit. God bless you.

More soon!

Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman, at the Inauguration of Joseph Biden


I wanted to call attention to the question being asked at the beginning of this pack filled brilliant poem:: “Where can I find the light in this never ending shade…” and the poem moves on rhythmically until we get to the penultimate:
The new dawn blooms as we free it
There is always light if we only are brave enough to see it
and If we are only brave enough to be it.

Today’s mainstream poetry barely touches upon the integrity, vibrancy, hopefulness, insightfulness —a deep resounding call to rise for goodness, and intensity as this poem. I am so happy to see a poem like this at this time in history.

Just to note: I will mention that someone came into this post and made edits. It was sly because they were not show stoppers, but for me they were. I have a lot to learn about technology and I moving my energy into accountability, instead of creativity.

In Honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

I went out collecting
flowers from all places
like an urban mountain
and the longest highway.
A ten mile lotus pond
a gospel singing church
an old meeting hall
and the Pacific Ocean.

So we took some land
dug it for marble hedges
yet the most glorious
bloom and buds came when
the colors came together. 
With no fences or divides.