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In respect to our children and my dignity, this is not the place for me to discuss my life story. In a nutshell, I have developed severe scoliosis, currently a curvature of more than 70 (seventy) degrees. I returned to the blog to write poems, something I have dedicated my life and private college and Master’s degree tuition, to study. Not some dark side with broken english, profanity, nor dwell in negativity. The Gravatar image trying to imposter me was simply over the top absurd. The attempts to continue to try to desperately point fingers at my thoughts, as there with the seemingly introspective poem on my bones psychology as the source of spinal condition is absolute foolish nonsense. Who ever posted those four hundred plus posts in my name of disgusting and inappropriate subject matter (including mainly insults about myself) is clearly desperate by eluding to my bones having a psychology and negative thought forms. I was diagnosed with scoliosis before the age of ten, so I will leave it there and hopefully dispel all myths and fabrications of who I am and why. I will not be discouraged by these relentlessly disturbed individuals targeting me and my disabilities.

With that said, I have had added to my page, For Our Children. The page is dedicated to a book idea, I am very excited about. I will focus my attention there and appreciate the positive support, to those who are commenting and or liking poems.

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