God’s Children Preview for 2020

This book is intended to show awareness around Childrens’ various extraordinary ways, talents and unique way. My daughter’s goal of drawing multiple fairies and different attributes is so readers can understand that all children are gifts, magic and marvelous, in addition to having their own individuality.

Make a Gift for our Book

My daughter, Dahlia, will be contributing her precious illustrations for my Children’s Book set to print in 2020. My daughter will be adding her 30 highly detailed illustrations for my 30 poems, to make a 60 page book (our goal)!! This is just a glimpse at some of her illustrations. I am hoping for participants so we can print this book . I hope to print these illustrations in color format and my poems in black and white for a hard cover book and the printing cost’s are a bit staggering for color images AND a hard cover book. You the Participant: The first few pages of the book will be designated for the names of those who made gifts. In the end, I think those who gave will be happy to know they were a part of it all. Thank you for considering to make a gift for our Children’s Book!


Generous Gifts

If you’d like your name to be listed at the top of the page for giving gifts, I added another generous gift amount.


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