my wishes for you

May the archangels
surround you when in need
and plant the protection seed

May the sun and moon light
show God’s love and hold you tight

May the ocean and mountains
add praise for your day
and the best God’s given gain

May the trees and flowers
add beauty to your journey,
giving God’s given powers

May the cakes from
your Mother’s oven
remind you of her
deepest loven
for who you are today
and who you will be tomorrow

May your mother’s word
add to you how you are miracle

May any child’s shaming
or teasing of you
make you grateful
that you aren’t them,
gone sour and judging

May any children’s
rejection of you
make you all the more
confident in how strong
you are and forever long

May your bravery
be noticed by your
spirit’s door

May the glue you use
for your art
remind you of how
sticky things can get

May the jump rope
or hopscotch
remind you at times
you may need to hop
or jump on one foot
on the way to the top

May you learn your biggest
God known fear
is a gift and farthest the best

May you find joy
in at least one heartfelt way

May you learn the language
of greatest importance
is the heart and spirit way

May the seasons
give you the power
to make change
for all good reasons

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