postcard to my daughter

when I look at you
I see my world:

I know for instance
that only when you
are truly happy, your

dimple shows, I know
your laugh as well
as your tone of voice

I know what will
make everything
for the moment

at least, okay.
I know at night
when I braid your

hair, how each
strand represents
the princess in you

and yet, the length
of miracles in you.
I know your favorite

lullaby by heart.
As far as the rest,
like the unknown

places I have heard
of, yet to travel,
is what the currency

would be without
you. I know that I
wouldn’t know

where to take us
for picnics or tea, or
the best spot

would be to feed
the birds. I wouldn’t
know where to

connect the old
me with the new
me, because that

is foreign, overseas
travel and I only
fly domestically.

3 Replies to “postcard to my daughter”

  1. thank you, I really appreciate your comment! I am glad you enjoyed it, and it is definitely a window into my life with her!! She is my biggest blessing, which I also receive on a daily basis. thank you again for your note –

  2. Yes, beloved daughter, more tenor in this version. More richness, vibrancy. Good go!

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