Burton Books


Years Unraveled, 2001
Pipes, 2005,
MFA Thesis, 2005
Anatomy of Love, a Book of Sonnets
Two Love Poems, 2009

Maxims, 2008
Egress, 2009
Words and Pictures, 2010
Tenpin, 2009- 2010
Chapbook, 2010

Burton Children’s Books
Hinterland, 2013

In this Mass Destruction to ruin my writing career, I lost almost everything. Someone posted on my dormant previous blog the most disturbing words I have perhaps ever read. My poetry was deleted (hundreds of poems) with new explicit text added, all in my name. This is the remainder of what I have left with these collections. These two links are drafts/manuscripts and not the final version of my books, hence a link to a PDF. Please enquire for the full manuscript. You will see however the stark reality of the poems I had been working on compared to what was posted on my previous blog, in my name. If you were a previous reader, as I found there were ten thousand (10,000) views all over the world, I suggest you do.