Ongoing Cyber Attacks

January 22, 202

September 3, 2020 — I have just found three pages were created: “Register,” “Members,” “Activate.” Why these pages were created on my blog, I am unsure. I do know these individuals are passionate with making my life difficult. That is for sure. Why me? I do not know, but it surely makes me glad I am not them. The IP addresses are also listed here.

August 3, 2020 – page after page of IP addresses with date and time stamps of attempted logins in one day.

August 23, 2020 – I found some tags linked onto a few posts, my favorite one is the misspelling of “spoken word,” then there is racial aspect pop up right beneath the peace tag I actually tagged, which is cruel. Then the random one, “Romans.” Indeed, thankfully I have plugins to find many of these hurtful and intentionally embarrassing errors.

This was a “Brute Force” attack, as cyber security calls it. When someone tries to login in up to thirty times in five minutes, at times. All of these pages are from just the past 24 hours. Today is May 5, 2020.

This slide show is a glimpse of the amount of notifactions I receive on a daily basis of cyber threats/failed login attempts. It is tedious having to go through my emails on a daily basis, with this daily hacking trying to get into my blog. The numbers following is the IP Address

In addition, here you will see a few pages with a number circled. That number circled is the amount of people who actually did hack into my account at once.

236 users logged in
108 users logged in

All attempts of logins in one day, over 5 pages long,

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