God’s Children

I will be adding to this page as time goes on. I will number the poems in chronological order.

#1 Goodnight

Sweet dreams my love and kindness,
May you rest well, as you are blessed.
I hope you will remember the climbs,
No matter the falls, how many times.
May you remember being so brave.
The kind Friends met, the first forgive.
Your daily smile and essence to be.
May you see flowers, birds and trees.
I love you my, Dear, with all my-being.

#3 Boston Commons, a Joyful Song

The stars were lit up
with wisps of white, in a joyful song –
to breeze a sweet melody.
This urged the child to wish,
to dream upon a satellite –

every boy or girl granted their hope,
in the park of bronzed ducks, to quack
in line, like the star parade of whose
had the farthest dipping desire.

#2 Joy

There were birds and butterflies,
rainbows and wildflowers,
sunsets and radiant skies
and sandcastle’s with towers.

There were fancy tea parties
and city night park walks.
There are crayon hearts
and goodnight sweetheart talks.

I find in you my most dearest love
and spot you out like a Morning Dove.
We make watermelon wedges
and top Sundaes with Fudge.

Each day is a new blessing
and you tug at my heart strings.