Kathryn Burton

I am a writer/poet in the Boston Area. I graduated from Emerson College with a MFA in Poetry/Creative Writing. I also hold a B.A. in Creative Writing from Endicott College. I have essentially been writing for almost twenty years. It has been a long road, with beautiful experiences, privileges, wisdom gained, and obstacles I never imagined.

Caveat: I have always connected with my spirituality in God/Creator to drive my most meaningful poems. I mean no offense to those who believe differently.

Previously, I had been working on a blog, here on WordPress. I had to step away from my blog to attend to my Family for a extended period of time and during that time over 400 blog posts were published in a few hour time span in ONE day (that’s not including random posts). Then, I found there had been 10,000 views… it’s not a typo, it was TEN THOUSAND views. I did not write those words/”poems.” They were anything but poems, they were insulting, disgraceful, inappropriate, slanderous and all with the intent to debase me, hurt me, and those I love. It was mass destruction intended to ruin my writing career. I almost lost everything. I’ve worked through it, after many months of grieving, and I am back.

As for my work: this is the remainder of what I have left with my collection of books previously written. The books are drafts and not the final product. Hence, the link to a PDF! You will see however the stark reality to the poems I had been working on compared to what was posted on my previous blog, in my name. If you were a previous reader, as I found there were many, I suggest you do.

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