God’s Children

When the Sun rises, the birds
sing in their glory, the Lord our God.
When you rise, the parents too
rejoice, their praises heard.

You dear, Child, are as beautiful
as the rising sun, you are the One
of great majesty, the Lord Our God

Never so sweet the child’s
embrace, our heart then meet,
the Mother’s love forever said
throughout – with two little feet

and two little hands, the child’s birth
from our Mother Earth –
praises here said, Dear, God
Thank you for the One –


I like to jump on beds
and I have a blue sled.
I like bubbles and glue
and I like cows that go “Loo Boo Moo”
I eat bagels and eggs
and I like to giggle.

My Mom Prays at night
and leaves on the night-light.
I drink chocolate milk,
eat buttermilk pancakes.
I like playing fun games
and go by my nickname:

and my middle name,
where I get most of my fame:
and my last name
where I deserve my acclaim:


The leaves are dancing
hundreds are twirling
colored clothes and coats –

Our Divine Lord’s Host.
The fountain is clapping
and lightly tapping –

The summer or fall
it’s a sequence ball.
The bird’s ivory down
toe to toe with earth’s gown

The Day

This rising sun has begun –
God gives allotted space
to fulfill his will and grace.

Some ache in sadness
Some tremor with stress
A minute’s headdress,
while others kindness –

In all of this holy moment –
to reduce the dark to pigment,
this here an instrument.

In this house of optics
a fashioned lament.