Sonnet Series

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I shut my eyes, in prayer
and it is winter here —
my toes are cold, but
where I go in my dreams

isn’t like here. Instead 
hills abound, mountains,
flowers fill in every inch
not one patch is starved.

All feelings heightened
to love, with warmth and joy.
There is no sorrow 
or darkness on the hunt.
The light endures there
beyond anything once put out.

[casted in Sonnet’s favored pentameter, enjambment when fitting. Stanzas following the octave and sestet stencil]

Sonnet, New Year’s Day

What can compare
to this love? What
could stand a chance 
against the glory and grace
of God, and my King?
That small crescent 
of the sun on the sea’s horizon
at the break of dawn —

Bringing an entire day
of light to the land — the ocean 
pulling the incoming day. 
This is where my love is
and my tide rises with him,
as the sun and I become morning.

Divinity Dance

When we are one, it
is at the top of a peak —
it is quiet, silence and light
the air and temperature
is of no real importance —
a veil flows like a flag.
However there is no
bottom beneath us.

How I got there, unknown.
But at a moment, he
appears and we interlock.
He holds me and assures
I am whole and healed
for I am there, within him.

One Sun II

The sun consists of love
and light to become God’s
true nature. How could
our scientific lens
capture His full bloom?
Camera’s show light stream
from a bud – the world
now the beginning

creation — rather
when our spirit dances
it casts light over
the shadows, beauty
twirling into the heart
without fear, but glory.

A Sonnet to God

I had found a way in
with the sonnet, God,
in this glass vessel
of holy water –
reflecting the sun
while crystal rainbows
shined out into day –
divine assurance
unchanging deliverance
this almighty sound
in meter, this matter(s).
I will sing forevermore  –
a locket of light 
anchored in my heart.

Note on “The Only Sun II:” I casted this Sonnet in Hexameter, with the envoy to juxtapose the Sestet casted in pentameter, however, hexameter used in line 10 and the penultimate. I was hoping for the expansiveness of God to come through with the breath, when reading the lines of hexameter. The use of prosody I did not fully deploy here, however, maybe another draft would prove it usefull. This is one of those poems that I have been working on for too long, so I am freeing it to see where it goes.

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