God’s Children 3D Flipbook

Dear Readers:

God’s Children, Flip Book: This is a book of Children Poems I wrote and was illustrated by my daughter, Dahlia. The book consists of Sonnets, Hymns, Villanelles, Ballads, (Heroic) Couplets, Epigrams, Heterometric Rhymes, Odes, Biblical Free Verse, and other Forms of poetry, including ranges of prosody. It is appropriate for all ages.

It is mostly rhyming poetry and Christian based. Surely, I have not taken my verse to the Pulpit. Instead, I have composed contemporary poetry written for children with the message and fibers of Christian faith with its joy, kindness, peace and love with one’s self and others.

When you click on the link and flip through the pages, you may have to wait a minute for the images to upload. (Depending on your internet connection.) I hope you enjoy the book and I hope it inspires some of our children to enact on their own creative endeavors. It brought me great joy working with my daughter creating this book and I am super proud of her. The book was written for my daughter, and I also hope that every child knows how precious and sacred they are. 

Sincerely yours, Kate and Dahlia

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Gentle words for little ears.


God’s Children

Photo by Ray Bilcliff on Pexels.com

To follow nature
we hold our child’s
hand to God’s door. 
When this all matures
with the weeping willow
and the joy in heart flowers
we brush the Yellow Poplar
to find the green showing 

its vastness. From the beginning
with the sprouts in the greenhouse
to lovelit orchards: this life is grace.
The sun dances around the moon
as if dancing the movement of time.
It is here, I say to my child, Amen.

This is a Sonnet of mine, which I would love to see in my book project, God’s Children.

You are My World, (update)

The poem in the left column (this column) is the more polished poem, the poem on the right hand column was what I started with.

When I look at you 
I see my world:

I know the dimple
on your cheek
was made from God’s temple.

I know all your laughs
like the sound of your voice –
You can’t split this love for you in halves

I know what will make
everything okay and what keeps you safe,
and with God’s protection he won’t forsake. 

I know at night
when I comb your hair,
your royalty is more bright
then your glowing night-light.

When I look at you
I see all of the miracles 
in you, with your soul 
and spirit from the heavens. 

I know your favorite
lullaby by heart –
each and every word, 
and every loving part.

Without you I wouldn’t
know how to find me
because you are the key
to all of me.

When I look at you
I see my world:

I know for instance
that only when you
are truly happy, your

dimple shows, I know
your laugh as well
as your tone of voice.

I know what will
make everything
for the moment

at least, okay.
I know at night
when I braid your

hair, how each
strand represents
the princess in you

and yet, the length
of miracles in you.
I know your favorite

lullaby by heart.
As far as the rest,
like the unknown

places I have heard
of, yet to travel,
is what the currency

would be without
you. I know that I
wouldn’t know

where to take us
for picnics or tea, or
the best spot

would be to feed
the birds. I wouldn’t
know where to

connect the old
me with the new
you, because that

is foreign, overseas
travel and I only
fly domestically.

singing your praises

I want to be your flute
for your joy’s tune
I want to be a piano
for your loving symphony
I want to be a drum
for your energy’s vibration
I want to sing
for your words in hope
I want to be a choir
to be in harmony with your strength
I want to be the audience
so heaven echoes
I want to clap
to have our hands together

Dandelion Fairy Sonnet, Illustration by Dahlia

The dandelion fairy
is perhaps the buzziest
of the bunch, weaving
between bumble bees
and dragonflies, yellow
misting lawns with hope.
Her bright flowers with
petals of divine light.

A wing caught in joy,
the mother and child 
pick dandelions, morning
moving to their fingertips
as the fairy flutters on
with nature on their toes.

Drawing by Spectacular Dahlia!

This is the anticipated layout of our book, which I am so, so, so (!) excited about!
With respect to my daughter’s labored artwork with many drafts for each one fairy, I believe this is a fair glimpse at our book proposal. I am so proud of my daughter’s art, I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you readers!

God’s Children Preview for 2020

This book is intended to show awareness around Childrens’ various extraordinary ways, talents and unique way. My daughter’s goal of drawing multiple fairies and different attributes is so readers can understand that all children are gifts, magic and marvelous, in addition to having their own individuality.

Make a Gift for our Book

My daughter, Dahlia, will be contributing her precious illustrations for my Children's Book set to print in 2020. My daughter will be adding her 30 highly detailed illustrations for my 30 poems, to make a 60 page book (our goal)!! This is just a glimpse at some of her illustrations. I am hoping for participants so we can print this book . I hope to print these illustrations in color format and my poems in black and white for a hard cover book and the printing cost's are a bit staggering for color images AND a hard cover book. You the Participant: The first few pages of the book will be designated for the names of those who made gifts. In the end, I think those who gave will be happy to know they were a part of it all. Thank you for considering to make a gift for our Children's Book!


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Dandelion Fairy Sonnet

The dandelion fairy
is perhaps the buzziest
of the bunch, weaving
between bumble bees
and dragonflies, yellow
misting lawns with hope.
Her bright flowers, with
petals of divine light.

A wing caught in joy –
the mother and child
pick dandelions, morning
moving to their fingertips –
the fairy flutters on,
for the next sundrops’ child.

Definition of Sundrop: Any of various plants of the genera Oenothera and Calylophus having four-petaled yellow flowers that bloom during the day.

Silly, Mr. Moon

Silly, Silly, Mr. Moon
it’s not afternoon –

It’s bedtime now
and time to take it slow.

So tell me a goodnight
story that show’s love,
forevermore and tonight.

Tell me about the stars
that should not be that far.

Explain the Planets like Mars
and even honking cars.

Make my bed with goose-down feathers
that keep me warm in this c-c-cold weather.

Make sure my socks are warm,
in this snowflake globe’s winter storm.

Sing me my last all day song
before I nod off all night long!