A Sonnet to God

I had found a way in
with the sonnet, God,
in this glass vessel
of holy water –
reflecting the sun
while crystal rainbows
shined out into day –
divine assurance
unchanging deliverance
this almighty sound
in meter, this matter(s).
I will sing forevermore  –
a locket of light 
anchored in my heart.

Sonnet for Divine Light

The gift of divine light
is forevermore than bright,
but it is for the holy life and spirit.
Its power is in goodness
with a shield and a bow.
It is God’s fortress
of protection aglow.
To harness this love goes –

for it is without fear,
but watching birth grow.
It is of Heaven
with peace on its wings
bringing beginnings again
and joy on a string.

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Psalm 145

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