For my Daughter’s Birthday

Dear Daughter,
I want to give you
the mountains
and the freshest fruit and a shooting star to show who you are.
I want to give you the summer after a long cold winter.
I want to give you endless happiness.
I want to give you
a house of flowers.
I want the church bells to ring every year on your Birthday, and the candles on your cake giving you each wish you made.
I want to give you the knowing of how much I love you and cherish you and how I am blessed by your preciousness and find so much joy in who you are.
Love, Mom

Thank You

Today is Sunday, and I wanted to give my praise to certain people in my life right now who have given their time, resources, and or other ways to help the most during COVID-19. My Dad and his significant other and my Mom. I am so grateful to each of you. My parents have been there from the beginning with supporting my writing, as well. I just wanted to give thanks today because they mean so much, to me and because on Sundays’ I am in a place of worship. I have been overcome by love. I am blessed and I love you.