Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman, at the Inauguration of Joseph Biden


I wanted to call attention to the question being asked at the beginning of this pack filled brilliant poem:: “Where can I find the light in this never ending shade…” and the poem moves on rhythmically until we get to the penultimate:
The new dawn blooms as we free it
There is always light if we only are brave enough to see it
and If we are only brave enough to be it.

Today’s mainstream poetry barely touches upon the integrity, vibrancy, hopefulness, insightfulness, a deep resounding call to rise for goodness, and intensity as this poem. I am so happy to see a poem like this at this time in history. It seems Amanda Gorman has more of a handle on America’s meltdown than any other leaders I have seen; well, at least since Trump was in office and a Governor spoke up against the President’s inactions when all mayhem ensued. The Governor was great, but this poem is just so beautiful and she is just so beautiful as well. I love her colorful yellow/gold jacket seemingly reflecting the poem’s intention and attention on the “light.”

A friend shared a link to this video, so I was taken back when I heard it. It was as if finally I heard the words of verse move people, including myself. It was the first time, in a long time, the poem meant something and rang the bells of when Poets actually made a difference. No doubt, a hundred years ago, poetry was a craft and to some too powerful. Surely, Frost and Whitman, just to name a few, came in contact with times they were heard and times when they should go into hiding. Well, thank goodness, we finally have a woman, a black woman, tear it up on the carpet. She wasn’t against an America, instead she was for the people. God bless her and I am so grateful to hear this address to the new President.