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My background in writing poetry was a gift and yet many years of studying, preparing, working with well known poets, research, and above all a dedication to poetry for a very, very long time. It is true that my creativity sometimes distracts me, like going to New York City to learn how to bind my own books, or those photography courses, etc., but what I mean to say is I am offering my knowledge of private tuitions for both undergraduate and graduate degrees in creative writing/poetry. This is not a writer who has taken up poetry because it was COVID and I say that carefully, so please no offense to those who have.

I do not consider this labor, this is love. My goal and intention with this blog is to spread goodness around, not the darkness that I see taking away places and things during this pandemic. If you’d like to read someone who has studied with the best, dedicated over six years of scholarship plus additional years writing, then you are at the correct place.

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Math and Queries

At the ocean,
I counted waves.
Doubled my math with white caps. Then my hands cupped sand and the sum was lost. These infinite places.

In the city, it seems the only lights come from skyscrapers, which compared to other peaks and the infinte stars, can we really compare? Less than or greater than?

I wonder how many people we have loved or in love? Not only people we love, but things: animals, flowers, places, food, books… add up each beloved part within us? 

How many times have we victorified? Fill in the oval of types of victory.  How many times have we prayed? Fill in the oval of types of prayers. How many times for joy? Fill in oval.

Morphology and morpheme, see Neologism: victorified

A Sonnet to God

I had found a way in
with the sonnet, God,
in this glass vessel
of holy water –
reflecting the sun
while crystal rainbows
shined out into day –
divine assurance
unchanging deliverance
this almighty sound
in meter, this matter(s).
I will sing forevermore  –
a locket of light 
anchored in my heart.

God’s Children 3D Flipbook

Dear Readers:

God’s Children Flip Book: This is a book of Children’s poems I wrote and Illustrated by my daughter, Dahlia. The book consists of Sonnets, Hymns, Villanelles, Ballads, (Heroic) Couplets, Epigrams, Heterometric Rhymes, Odes, Biblical Free Verse, and other Forms of poetry, including ranges of prosody. It is appropriate for all ages.

It is mostly rhyming poetry and is Christian based. Surely, I have not taken my verse onto the Pulpit, instead writing contemporary poetry with the message and fibers of Christian faith, with its joy, kindness, peace and love.

When you click on the link and flip through the pages, you may have to wait a minute for the images to upload. Depending on your internet connection. I hope you enjoy the book and I hope it inspires some of our children during many of these schools’ closings due to the Coronavirus, to enact on their own creative endeavors. It brought me great joy working with my daughter creating this book and I am super proud of her. The book is dedicated to my daughter, Dahlia, and I also hope that every child knows how precious and sacred they are. 

Sincerely yours, Kate and Dahlia

Please wait while flipbook is loading. For more related info, FAQs and issues please refer to DearFlip Flipbook Help documentation.

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anything in your heart
that resides
that sings
that helps
that cherishes
that forgives

however, non violent

is possible
even finding the grace
to meet the heartless

your strength in love
is the warrior of night
and the charging white 
because that love
can defeat
and outlast
ten thousand men

for the crusader’s flag
is actually love
and the heartless
return to their faces

you are loved
and have won the good fight
so find yourself
at this moment
perfect and loved as you are.

The beloved 
The adored
The cherished

God’s Children

Photo by Ray Bilcliff on

To follow nature
we hold our child’s
hand to God’s door. 
When this all matures
with the weeping willow
and the joy in heart flowers
we brush the Yellow Poplar
to find the green showing 

its vastness. From the beginning
with the sprouts in the greenhouse
to lovelit orchards: this life is grace.
The sun dances around the moon
as if dancing the movement of time.
It is here, I say to my child, Amen.

This is a Sonnet of mine, which I would love to see in my book project, God’s Children.