Math and Queries

At the ocean,
I counted waves.
Doubled my math with white caps. Then my hands cupped sand and the sum was lost. These infinite places.

In the city, it seems the only lights come from skyscrapers, which compared to other peaks and the infinte stars, can we really compare? Less than or greater than?

I wonder how many people we have loved or in love? Not only people we love, but things: animals, flowers, places, food, books… add up each beloved part within us? 

How many times have we victorified? Fill in the oval of types of victory.  How many times have we prayed? Fill in the oval of types of prayers. How many times for joy? Fill in oval.

I sometimes make up my own words. I take the noun and do with it, as I please. In essence, I understand victorified is not a word, but it should be, when you think about it for those of us who love word crunching and inventing our own language,

For my Daughter’s Birthday

Dear Daughter,
I want to give you
the mountains
and the freshest fruit and a shooting star to show who you are.
I want to give you the summer after a long cold winter.
I want to give you endless happiness.
I want to give you
a house of flowers.
I want the church bells to ring every year on your Birthday, and the candles on your cake giving you each wish you made.
I want to give you the knowing of how much I love you and cherish you and how I am blessed by your preciousness and find so much joy in who you are.
Love, Mom

Projects at Home and Family Sharing

Another quick positive update, my daughter received in the mail one of the best craft books from a family member yesterday in the mail. It is called, “Tissue Paper Crafts” by April Chorba. I have to say, with all the craft books I have purchased for myself and also for daughter, this book is on the top five combined.

Since I once taught English and ESL in public schools and adult learners in Adult Ed classes, I have mostly put all of these real life stressors aside right now with COVID-19 and I am enjoying my time home with my daughter with homeschooling. I am really loving this craft book with all the different art skills this book is teaching, in addition to the typical educational aspects you’d find in the classroom. Depending on the age you can do this with a beginner approach of using just your fingers, to intermediate with using a ruler and notch it up, with a bone folder (sounds scary maybe, but it is otherwise known as a creaser) to make precise creases. I included a picture of the tool in the slideshow. You can also make elaborate decoration, with colorful flowers.

Since the Book Project, God’s Children, is completed and we followed through with our intention despite the countless hurtles, instead of losing hope, giving up, we condensed each book page and selected certain poems and drawings, while putting others aside. As they say ‘the teachable moment’ is to never give up, no matter what.

Here’s hoping everyone is getting along during this difficult time, with some goodness to share. I am grateful I was able to finally add this second gift, which is a landscape picture taken by my Father, Ross Burton. This to me has always been sacred land, which I wrote about in my first book, in 2001. It has been a family reunion amidst such challenging times. I have been truly blessed to see something good come from this. See the note below.

This first picture was taken my Dad, Ross Burton. This sense of place, which is a Quarry, he’s captured for years in ways that I have always felt show the vastness, while the infinite ways of being and also our seeing.

an offering


I have included a link to a youtube video of Gregorian chant. I have been thinking about what I could share that could be both uplifting, peaceful and healing. I found this to be all of those in addition to more. It reaches the octaves of light –

on a side note the word Octave is actually also the name of the first stanza/movement of the Sonnet and the second/last stanza of the Sonnet is the Sestet. If you are overwhelmed with all that is happening in the U.S. with COVID-19, or looking for something to distract yourself and you like learning about new things, I suggest you check it out on Wiki. It’s pretty neat; search the word, Sonnet. Once you understand the Form of the Sonnet and the mechanics of it your experience of reading a Sonnet may change. Finally, for those really interested in the Form of the Sonnet, the transition from the Octave to the Sestet is probably the most important transition.

Here are the beautiful Nuns of St. Cecilia’s Abbey, with the link:

Gregorian chant on youtube