House of Miracles

This YouTube video is Brandon Lake singing praises to God, our Father and the Holy Spirit, because of his new album release in January, 2021. I found the comments for the majority loving it and many comments from listeners said they could not stop listening. I personally love this show because he wishes everyone to create a house of miracles for themselves, or their business, or wherever. I think that is a very beautiful prayer to want for people and very special. I hope you get a chance to listen and here’s wishing everyone a prayer for the chance of change for the better, as well. Miracles, however, is a must.

Math and Queries

At the ocean,
I counted waves.
Doubled my math with white caps. Then my hands cupped sand and the sum was lost. These infinite places.

In the city, it seems the only lights come from skyscrapers, which compared to other peaks and the infinte stars, can we really compare? Less than or greater than?

I wonder how many people we have loved or in love? Not only people we love, but things: animals, flowers, places, food, books… add up each beloved part within us? 

How many times have we victorified? Fill in the oval of types of victory.  How many times have we prayed? Fill in the oval of types of prayers. How many times for joy? Fill in oval.

Morphology and morpheme, see Neologism: victorified